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Wednesday, 02 March 2022 15:08

Local mission in the church - and how seminaries are failing our pastors. I continue my discussion with Alex Zenk, Pastor of Stratford Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stratford, Iowa and host of the...

Wednesday, 23 February 2022 14:12

Are denominations, creeds, confessions and liturgies things of the past that should be left to die an ecclesiastical death? Today I talk with Alex Zenk, Pastor of Stratford Evangelical Lutheran...

Denominations, Creeds, and Worldview

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Are denominations, creeds, confessions and liturgies things of the past that should be left to die an ecclesiastical death?

Today I talk with Alex Zenk, Pastor of Stratford Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stratford, Iowa and host of the Undying Light Podcast. Alex and I talk about how the creeds and confessions of the church have gone by the wayside, and how important it is that we try to bring them back.

Next week, Alex and I continue our conversation, We wrap up our talk about creeds, and move on to the importance of local mission efforts in the church.


Reuel Sample:
So well, you segue into another topic that I wanted to talk with you about is that you and I are part of the quote old denominations. You're you're a Lutheran. You guys started it all. And then I'm Presbyterian and you've got a Methodist church there and and the Baptist Church. We're dinosaurs.  Do we need to be put in the mud pits and forgotten about? Or is there room for the liturgies and the history and the creeds that have made denominations so rich over the centuries?

Alex Zenk:
Oh, I most certainly think there is a big place at the table for us. And you know, again, whether it's Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist Methodist or Lutheran or whatever your denominational preferences, you know, there's there's purpose behind what we do. And and I think that with today's world, with social media being as prevalent and people. Losing interest rather quickly with life itself, because social media provides those quick, immediate entertainment factors that we desire. I've noticed and I'm going to kind of. Come around here to the to the answer to the question, but I noticed, like even many people that I run with in my circles, they don't really read books anymore. You know, it's it's either audible books or it's just short little snippets and Google pages and stuff like that. You know, nobody sits down anymore and just relaxes and reads a book to educate themselves on something. And I think that plays a big role in where the church is kind of suffering in itself is we've got kind of a. An issue within these older denominations of two things happening, one, we have churches that are trying to stay relevant with culture and they are moving at a rate that would be more of a universalist approach to handling scripture that every person's welcome and everybody's loved equally. And you know, your sin doesn't matter. And you know, they really try to make this.

Reuel Sample:
Or even if we call it a sin.

Alex Zenk:
Yeah, yeah. How dare we call it a sin? And so, but so you got this track happening? And then on the other hand, we've got churches that are staying traditional to their liturgical roots, and they're preaching in their manner. And I think, you know, and it could be that maybe those preaching those sermons might be drier and not so relevant for people. That's a good possibility. But I find that this particular camp is is losing people because it's not as engaging or attractive as these other progressive churches. And I've noticed that that was a big deal with the Lutherans back in the early 2000s with the ELCA and their progressive voting that ended up splintering churches out of there and into the Senate that I'm a part of now. The Methodists are going through it now. The Presbyterians have it. The Baptists are dealing with it. Now there's these splinters that are happening and it's basically causing a major divide in the church because now we have these essentially two sides of the road. We have this progressive ideology that's sitting in one camp and then we have the conservative biblical. Truth that is in this other camp, and they they don't they're not mutually connected, and there's no way without educating the people to draw people back to the truth of God's word.

Reuel Sample:
Part of the the tradition of denominations are the creeds, confessions and the history. We have gotten away from that. You go into many modern churches today, they can't say the Apostles Creed, they can't say, even say, the Lord's Prayer, and they can't tell you what happened. How is that hurting us? Well, I think

Alex Zenk:
I think not having the Creed's kind of in the forefront of the church takes away from the proclamation of what we believe, and I've made this comment to my congregation a number of times.

Undying Light Podcast

Undying Light Podcast

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Alex Zenk is the pastor of Stratford Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stratford, IA. He is currently finishing my Master’s of Divinity at Sioux Falls Seminary, and will graduate in 2023. He has been married to Janae for over 14 years now, and has 2 amazing kids. In the past 5-7 years, he has become an avid reader of theology, studying various camps of thought before returning to his roots as a Lutheran.

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Undying Light is a show hosted by Alex a Lutheran Preacher in Iowa.I cover a broad range of topics from discussions on theology, apologetics, to essentially everything to do with the Bible, cultural issues, and everyday ranting about the state of Evangelicalism in the United States and everywhere else.I am committed to an inerrant, infallible view of the Scriptures. Therefore, I am fervent to bring everything I teach and say to the light of the Biblical worldview.

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