Church Growth, Adoption, Abortion - and Worldview

Church Growth, Adoption, Abortion - and Worldview

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Do not set out to grow the church. Set out to preach the Gospel.

Today I talk with John Pflug, Pastor of Windermere Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. John and I talk about a wide range of issues - all revolving around a deep need to focus our eyes on Christ in all areas of our lives.


John Pflug:
And so, so whatever that is, and it can get exhausting, I think, to say, well, we're going to have the best children's program and the greatest outreach of this and that and do all these different ministries. And maybe, maybe there are people in the church who are talented to do those things. But for me, I just I knew it was going to be pretty simple. It's at preaching the word expositional preaching is what I'm going to do. And if people come for that, well, great, they'll stay because I'll keep doing it. But so that's that's kind of where we're at right now. I think the church appreciates that it's been growing, but I guess because people like that, they keep coming. And so it's it's just been a really, like I said, kind of a sweet spot in ministry for me right now, being able to say this is what the Lord has called me to do. I'm doing it and it works out great.

Reuel Sample:
John, I have read the scriptures both in in English and in Greek, and nowhere do I hear Peter proclaiming that we're going to build the Church of Jerusalem through the children's program. We're going the the church in Jerusalem and all throughout Asia and around the Mediterranean Sea was built simply by the preaching of the word of God, Jesus Christ and him crucified.

John Pflug:
You're right, and it's not to discount the other thing. We have talented people with those kinds of callings in the church, but just to have that focus is just to preach the preach the word of God. It's it's a weight off the shoulders. I see pastors getting burned out, my fellow colleagues trying to do all these other things that I at one point was trying to do too. And it's just so, so much more simple to say, I'm just going to preach now.

John Pflug and Windermere Presbyterian Church

John Pflug and Windermere Presbyterian Church

About John Pflug

John has been an ordained minister since 2010, and pastor of Windermere since 2015 when he moved from Texas to North Carolina. He has earned a B.A. From Texas Lutheran University, an MDiv. From Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. John and his wife Brittany have been married since 2007. Together they have three children; Emma, Kilaeah, and Zayne. John is passionate about the Bible, the Dallas Cowboys, and smoked brisket.

About Windermere Presbyterian Church

Windermere is committed to making disciples who make disciples, and planting churches that plant churches.


Reuel Sample
Reuel SamplePodcast HostThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reuel Sample is the host of The Pastor's Voice Podcast. He has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Business Administration from Grove City College, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as a church pastor and a Navy Chaplain. He is a staunch churchmen - which is why he criticizes it so much. He is an avid sailor and wood worker. He is blessed to be married to his wife Pam. They make their home in Wilmington, NC.

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