Rediscovering Our First Love

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Friday, 11 February 2022 10:57

Too busy to rest in God? Time to rediscover your priorities. Today I conclude my conversation with Rachel Herrington - host of the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. We talk about our lack of rest, our...

Wednesday, 02 February 2022 12:21

A life of joy and power - all from coming to God with a repentant heart. Today I talk with Rachel Herrington from the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. Rachel grew up in the church, knew about God and...

Rediscovering Our First Love

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Too busy to rest in God? Time to rediscover your priorities.

Today I conclude my conversation with Rachel Herrington - host of the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. We talk about our lack of rest, our focus on worship wars, the noise of social media - and how all that distracts us from our first love - which is following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Rachel Herrington:
Because they don't know how to rest? Nobody knows how to rest anymore. They they think that resting is autopilot. I know this because I, that is how I got burned out is because my resting was autopilot. Specifically, I would come home from all of that busyness because, like you said, Americans, very, very busy multitaskers, OK? So with that and the digital age like technology is awesome, but it's also very distracting. And it makes us multitask a lot more because we're answering phone calls, answering texts, answering emails, having having social media right at our fingertips than the TV. There's there's tons and tons of options of television to watch, you know. Think about like way back in the day, back in Jesus's time, there was not all of that distraction. There's so much. There's there's too many options and all of this, our minds get so jumbled and and we I know that for myself when I come home from a long day. The last thing that I want to do is think more. So I think the problem is. People think that getting with the Lord will will be more work. It's more work, it's reading. The Bible is work, you know, worshipping work that, you know, learning work. All of that is more work, so they don't want to do it. But that is a misconception because the most amazing times that I've had with the Lord are times where I am just resting in his presence, just sitting there with with the music on quieting my mind and thinking about him and talking to him like he's my friend because he is, we need to. We need to learn how to rest in the Lord. It is so important to our growth. It sounds so contradictory, doesn't it? Like the biggest way to grow is to slow down.

Reuel Sample:
Well, we often forget that rest. The Sabbath is a creation mandate and a creational gift is that God gave us rest. He ordered us, commanded us to rest and we don't do. When we don't do that, it, it affects everything

Rachel Herrington:
It really does. It really does. You're right. He did. He commanded it. And he he was an example. He was an example of rest. He also rested. You know, God, the creator, he didn't need to. He he does not need to rest. He does not weary or get tired. But he rested to show us how important it is like it's it's mind blowing. How we just act like that is can be pushed to the side. I could rest or I couldn't rest. It's cool. No, it is massively important that you rest and you need to to rest your eyes from things that don't matter too. And like I said, with autopilot, that's it's such it's so dangerous. It's so dangerous to get into the habit of of autopilot, like coming home from work and then just turn on the TV coming home from work and sitting down and scrolling through your phone. Coming home from work and sitting down and playing video games for the rest of the evening. It's very, very dangerous to get into that habit because then here, like, think about it for real. Be honest with yourself. What are your priorities? Work. I get it. It's essential you need. You need to earn a living and make money. Totally understand. Ministries. You were called there. Sure. Do it, absolutely. But when you get home, what is your priority? Is it your flesh? Is it to pamper your flesh and to sit down and like, watch your favorite show or like whatever play video games or whatever? Because if it is, I would really just challenge you to examine your heart and ask the Father to create a hunger inside of you again, because maybe you lost it.

The UnAdulterated Heart Podcast

The UnAdulterated Heart Podcast

About Rachel

Hi! My name is Rachel Herrington and I'm the host of the UNADULTerated Heart podcast. I have a degree in psychology and early childhood education so I am employed as a behavior health worker as well. Since I started the podcast last year, I have had a couple public speaking opportunities which I absolutely loved! I have also been working on some other projects such as a book, retreat, and more which I am very excited about! God has big things in store for the future, and I'm just along for the ride! People tell me that I am like a sort of energy source you can plug into to get recharged. All I really want to do is walk in the light as He is in the light, going and doing what He calls me to do.

About Her Podcast

UNADULTerated Heart is a podcast in which we seek the heart of God with honesty. I believe that the more raw you can be in front of people, the more they can relate to you. This podcast was birthed out of the secret place, and I would like to connect with podcasters that are in the same mind set.

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Reuel Sample
Reuel SamplePodcast HostThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reuel Sample is the host of The Pastor's Voice Podcast. He has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Business Administration from Grove City College, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as a church pastor and a Navy Chaplain. He is a staunch churchmen - which is why he criticizes it so much. He is an avid sailor and wood worker. He is blessed to be married to his wife Pam. They make their home in Wilmington, NC.

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