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Friday, 11 February 2022 10:57

Too busy to rest in God? Time to rediscover your priorities. Today I conclude my conversation with Rachel Herrington - host of the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. We talk about our lack of rest, our...

Wednesday, 02 February 2022 12:21

A life of joy and power - all from coming to God with a repentant heart. Today I talk with Rachel Herrington from the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. Rachel grew up in the church, knew about God and...

The Power of an UnAdulterated Heart

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A life of joy and power - all from coming to God with a repentant heart.

Today I talk with Rachel Herrington from the UnAdulterated Heart Podcast. Rachel grew up in the church, knew about God and all his ways. However, it wasn't until she came to a personal, unadulterated, child-like and forgiven relationship with Jesus that her faith - and walk - took off in powerful ways.


Rachel Herrington:
I just didn't want it anymore. I was disgusted by it and I knew he existed, and I wanted to know if this loving God that people talked about. If that aspect of him was true and come to find out, it's so is. And it was just it was outrageous the way the way that his love poured out. And so in this place of the secret place, right, like Mary sitting at his feet, just soaking it all in not doing and going and having to get things right and perfect, but just seeking his face to know him more in that place. I just got so much revelation poured out of his word and just who he was, his character, and I couldn't get enough of it. I would just spend hours upon hours, upon hours worshiping and reading his word and just pressing in praying, dancing, just just falling in love with him. And I've never known him that way before. So in that time, I started making voice notes on my phone, actually, and because I've always kept the diary, but so much revelation was being poured out that I was like, Listen, this is way too much to write down right now.

Rachel Herrington:
I need to, like, find an easier way. So in comes voice notes. So I'm I'm taking all of these voice notes on all the revelations he's pouring out. And it's it's outstanding. It's so good and so clear, so clear. His word is becoming to me. And then so I called my friend, my best friend, who we've been best friends for, like since we were like 14. So and she's a believer as well. She was on fire way before I was. I just kind of was slow getting there. But so we we started, we started having these incredible Holy Spirit filled conversations about just what God was doing in me, what God was doing and her, and then the revelation we would put together. And then God would just be in the midst because it says when two or more are gathered as he is right now even and then that he is in our midst. So within that time, he's just pouring out this, this amazing, incredible revelation on both of us now. And so these voice notes started having both of us on it and the conversation back and forth or laughing. We're carrying on and just also pouring out, and there's so much wisdom.

Rachel Herrington:
It's incredible. And then I'm talking with another friend on a walk one day and just about what God's doing. We're just sharing glory stories, really, and I share with her. One of the voice notes that Darlena, that's my best friend's name, and I were recording and she's like, Oh man, this sounds like a podcast. And I was like, What? It does, actually? Ok, like, that's something to think about. And she gave me this resource that was really easy to make a podcast. And so I just went for it. I was like, Holy Spirit, listen, I believe you work through people. They they they sometimes can speak into your life and help with guiding you. And so I was like, Listen, if you bless, if you're blessing this, if this is something you want me to do, I'm just going to I'm just going to do it. Whatever you say, I will do it. And so I just went for it and it has been phenomenal. I have absolutely loved it. And so I've gotten so much feedback that people have been blessed by it. The hearts change just conviction, and you know, so much goodness has come out of it. I'm so excited to see what God does more with it, but

Reuel Sample:
It's incredible to hear your story that you went from an impersonal relationship, you knew, God, you never denied that you knew God, you knew you knew all the the rules and the laws and write and do it, do it right. You go up, you do it wrong, you go down. But it wasn't until you came into a repentant. A frame of mind with a frame of soul with him, that everything exploded and it's exploded in such an incredible way that you've seen how we can use technology to, to worship and to praise and to grow and connect with others. I think that's just an amazing story.

The UnAdulterated Heart Podcast

The UnAdulterated Heart Podcast

About Rachel

Hi! My name is Rachel Herrington and I'm the host of the UNADULTerated Heart podcast. I have a degree in psychology and early childhood education so I am employed as a behavior health worker as well. Since I started the podcast last year, I have had a couple public speaking opportunities which I absolutely loved! I have also been working on some other projects such as a book, retreat, and more which I am very excited about! God has big things in store for the future, and I'm just along for the ride! People tell me that I am like a sort of energy source you can plug into to get recharged. All I really want to do is walk in the light as He is in the light, going and doing what He calls me to do.

About Her Podcast

UNADULTerated Heart is a podcast in which we seek the heart of God with honesty. I believe that the more raw you can be in front of people, the more they can relate to you. This podcast was birthed out of the secret place, and I would like to connect with podcasters that are in the same mind set.

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Reuel Sample
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Reuel Sample is the host of The Pastor's Voice Podcast. He has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Business Administration from Grove City College, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as a church pastor and a Navy Chaplain. He is a staunch churchmen - which is why he criticizes it so much. He is an avid sailor and wood worker. He is blessed to be married to his wife Pam. They make their home in Wilmington, NC.

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