Connecting Grandparents with their Grandchildren

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Today I talk with Steve Bradford, Director of Operations at The Legacy Coalition - a ministry dedicated to connecting Grandparents with their Grandchildren to make disciples for Jesus Christ. In this first part of two podcasts, we talk about the powerful impact this generational skip has in furthering the kingdom, and just how churches can go about instituting a grandparent ministry as part of their regular outreach.


Reuel Sample:
Tell us about your ministry with the coalition.

Steve Bradford:
The Legacy Coalition was formed about five years ago, and the ministry really is just to convince grandparents in today's culture to be more intentional about sharing their faith with their grandkids. And so we provide resources and events in a way to bless grandparents, and we try to do that through the local church. And very few churches today have grandparent ministries, not that they ever did. And so one of our goals, Reuel, is to really convince churches that this is a vital part of your church. It's a vital part of your ministry family and a grandparent ministry would be great.

Reuel Sample:
You use an interesting term - "Intentional."

Steve Bradford:
Yeah, I am. And you know, like you said, it's it's easy being a grandparent, a grandfather or grandmother, and you just think, OK, I can do this. I play with them. I maybe pray for them occasionally. But one of the most important jobs that we as grandparents have is just to see that generation come to know Christ. And speaking as a grandfather, I would say that most grandparents I talked to, if they're Christian, no matter where they are on the spectrum of intentionality, want to see their grandchildren come to know Christ, because that's the most important thing. But very few of us really have a good, solid strategy to do that. And that's what intentionality is all about. We don't want to just throw it, although sometimes that's what you have to do. But we want to have intentional strategies to lead them to Christ and disciple them.

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