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Friday, 21 January 2022 13:01

How can we overcome the noise of our every day lives to read the Word of God and listen for His Word to us? I continue my conversation with Pastor Terry Nightingale. Terry is a pastor serving in the...

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 12:18

The Word of God and His love for us - in just four minute - bite-sized devotionals. Does that actually work?

Overcoming the Noise

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How can we overcome the noise of our every day lives to read the Word of God and listen for His Word to us?

I continue my conversation with Pastor Terry Nightingale. Terry is a pastor serving in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We talk about the relunctance many people have to read the Bible on a daily basis- and how we must be disciplined and intentional in finding time with God.


Reuel Sample:
And one of the things that you also said that that's sticking in my brain is encouraging people to find a time to be quiet. Yeah. We live in a world where we are surrounded by noise and we're surrounded by cacophony. And it's just it's not just audio. We've got a cacophony of of visual stuff. You wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is check the cell phone and then we go check the computer. And there's just so many things that will take up our time. And what you're saying is that one of the disciplines that we can get into is finding time to be quiet.

Terry Nightingale:
I think that's really, really important. That's right. And so I mean, we have to find our own kind of rhythms, really, don't we? And how we've got to recognize how God's made us individually. So for me, I'm an early I'm an early morning person, so I tend to get up around 5:00. That's just the way my body works. And so for me to to to have it some time with the Lord fairly early in the morning is is quite natural. And I'm kind of happy to be made that way because it means I can really pray about everything at the beginning of the day before it happens. If you are. Now some people, I was talking with one of the young guys at my church over the weekend and you were saying that, you know, he's more of a late night sort of person, you know, so he reads his Bible late at night, you know, and so he's he's recognizing how God made him. And for him, that's his quiet time. You know, when, when it's dark and the house is quiet and you know, he can he can get into the scriptures then. So for others, it may be that, you know, family life and work life make it difficult at either end of the day. So for some people, it may be that their work allows them to have maybe an hour in the middle of the day where they can take off to a park or something, or find a quiet space and do it then. But I think it's I think number one, we have to we have to make a a an intentional decision that says this is important.

I need to find a time and place every day to do this because it's important. And so then you work at you, look at your day and you look at your responsibilities and you say, right, well, what's the best, best time to do this? And the other thing somebody said to me was was, you know, the scriptures encourage us to give, don't they? You know, I mean, I don't want to get into the principle of tithing necessarily on your podcast, but you know, you know, the scriptures talk about tithing giving of what we have first to God. Now, I think he wants us to give of our time to him to in terms of being with him, in prayer and in his work. And so if we if we take a step back and look at a typical day and say, right, what do I give to God first in my day? Because I think probably most of us, if we're honest, the day dictates us rather than us dictating our day. And I think it's a good exercise to just step back and say, OK, yeah, I have a responsible job, I have a family, I have this and I have all these things I need to do. But actually, the Bible tells me that God comes first. So how do I put God first in a typical day? Where do I need to spend? Where do I block out time so that I'm spending time with him? It's good. Good thing to do.

Bite-Sized Devotionals

Bite-Sized Devotionals

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The messages are between 450 โ€“ 600 words and most can be read in under 4 minutes. At the end of each one, there are suggestions for prayer.

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