Bite-Sized Devotionals And Christian Worldview

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The Word of God and His love for us - in just four minute - bite-sized devotionals. Does that actually work?

Today I start my conversation with Pastor Terry Nightingale. Terry is a pastor serving in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Terry writes a popular weekly blog at called ‘4-minute Devotions’, short Bible -centred messages for the busy Christian on the go. ‘Looking Back to Move Forward’ is his first non-fiction book for Christian leaders – in fact for anyone who occasionally faces discouragement or setbacks. His second book, based on his blog, is entitled ‘Bite-size devotions for the busy Christian’.


Terry Nightingale:
Yeah, absolutely, I think the word of God is under great attack at the moment. I think there are things in the word of God that some sectors of society don't like. I think there are some who are beginning to question whether they can trust that the word of God is historically know historically true. So people are starting to I think the term is deconstruct and they're they're doubting the validity of the testimonies. I think there's there's a lot of attacks on God's word. And I guess one of the things I want to do is to is to show that it's still has the power that it always has had to be the the way that God, a way that God speaks to us powerfully today.

Reuel Sample:
And I I agree with you the word of God is is is under attack all over the world. Yeah. Why? Why do you think it is such a big target?

Terry Nightingale:
Because it's the word of God, because we're in a spiritual battle, because it's it's the the the things that God wants to say to the people that he created, the people who have fallen away to follow their own path. The people that God sent his son to die for. You know, it is the communication of heaven to Earth. And if we're in a spiritual battle which the Bible tells us we are, then what's going to be attacked the most? It's going to be God's words. You know, the devil is going to try and twist them, that there was going to say that they're unreliable. The devil is going to say that there aren't. They aren't God's words at all. You know, our enemy, the devil. The Bible talks about our enemy. The devil is going to do everything you can to make us lose confidence in God's communication to us. And so I guess I feel that's what I want to say in my podcast and in my writings is, hey, one, this is absolutely God speaking to us. And two, it's still has the power that it always had.

Bite-Sized Devotionals

Bite-Sized Devotionals

Based on Pastor Terry’s popular blog, 4-minute devotions, this book is a valuable resource for any follower of Christ. 80 short, encouraging, but challenging devotions are each designed to draw the reader into the Scriptures and into communion with God. Read one a day, or several at once and allow God to reclaim some of that busyness.

The messages are between 450 – 600 words and most can be read in under 4 minutes. At the end of each one, there are suggestions for prayer.

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Reuel Sample is the host of The Pastor's Voice Podcast. He has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Business Administration from Grove City College, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served as a church pastor and a Navy Chaplain. He is a staunch churchmen - which is why he criticizes it so much. He is an avid sailor and wood worker. He is blessed to be married to his wife Pam. They make their home in Wilmington, NC.

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