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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 14:16

How can we bring the message of Christ when we go to work? Can we do it without even mentioning Jesus? I conclude my conversation with Tom Vander Well - host of the Wayfarer Podcast and President &...

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Tuesday, 14 December 2021 11:58

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Bringing Christ to Work

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How can we bring the message of Christ when we go to work? Can we do it without even mentioning Jesus?

I conclude my conversation with Tom Vander Well - host of the Wayfarer Podcast and President & Chief Executive Officer at Intelligentics . We talk about the challenges of bringing Christ to work with us - and how our dedication to His kingdom transforms our relationships with coworkers and CEOs alike.


Reuel Sample:
Now, Tom, your circle of influence extends outside of the church, you are the CEO of a research and a Q&A firm there in Iowa. How have you been challenged or have you been challenged to bring these tenets of scripture into your role as a business owner?

Tom Vander Well:
Oh, of course they do. You know, intelligent is the name of the company. It was actually founded back in nineteen eighty seven by a gentleman who disciple me when I was in high school and also my business partner, and his idea was to have a consulting firm. That would be based on biblical principles, not that we, you know, we don't shy away from who we are, but we also don't kind of beat people over the head with it either. But what's happened over the years and in 2005, I became a partner in the business and for the last three or four years I've been CEO, I've been leading it. What I have found and what has been so exciting for me is that I just recognize that every time I step, I step foot in my client's. Place of business. I have an opportunity to be the light of Christ, the salt of Christ, the aroma of Christ to the people in that business. By the way, that I help them understand what it means to be a customer servant and isn't customer service about being a good servant the every time we talk about. The the things that can make them better at taking care of their customers. These are all I mean, these are all biblical principles.

Reuel Sample:
And I like I like how you just said, I'm sorry for interrupting. I like how you put something. Is that most people would say, Well, I am a Christian. My business is based on Christian principles, so I have an obligation. And you say, no, I have an opportunity to bring that message, that idea that that worldview to the customers I serve.

Tom Vander Well:
Right. And what's really interesting is that I don't I don't really have to say it at all. If I am, if I am being who God calls me to be. And that's what Paul meant when he said, Hey, look, I'm the aroma of Christ. To some people, I am this beautiful fragrance of life. And to some people, I am the stench of death and. I have found that's just been amazing, because when I am working with a client, I'm amazed at how many people. Just know it. They just they see something, they hear something. I've had people come up to me after a presentation and say. But are you were you ever in the ministry, are you are you a pastor? And I'll go, Well, you know, I did that for a few years before I went into business, and they'll just go, I knew it. I just knew it.

The Wayfarer Podcast

The Wayfarer Podcast

Tom Vander Well is a "wayfaring stranger" on this road of life. Husband, father, writer, CEO, actor, playwright, preacher, back porch musician, and follower of Jesus, he shares his thoughts and observations on the journey. Each weekday he offers 5-10 minute Chapter-a-Day (CaD) reflections on one chapter of the Bible, perfect for a daily commute. Tom then adds longer Wayfarer Weekend (WW) episodes with musings and interviews on various themes of life, relationships, and Spirit. Tom's "Wayfarer" blog ( has been a source of thought and inspiration since 2006.

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